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Women in Computing (WIC) Webinar Series| September 22, 2023 Becoming ADEPT at Innovations with Data

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Rapid improvements in data and technology are driving the potential for businesses to accelerate learning and growth at break-neck speeds. But as we’ve witnessed, success is only achieved when we can evolve our human actions at an equal pace. The current cultural divide between business and data teams is so wide and distrustful that few companies are reaping the benefits of data as they can. So what’s the winning formula for leveraging data using today’s technology? We can become more ADEPT with people at the center, and get decision-ready Data into the hands of people who will use it. These people will contextualize insights and take actions of value, but they need help to accomplish it. Let’s bridge the divide together with an ADEPT culture of continuous innovation and honest feedback. Co-sponsored by: University of Georgia Speaker(s): Beth Bauer, Soheyla Amirian Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/371910

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