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We, the IEEE SUPCOM WIE Affinity Group, in collaboration with the IEEE ENIT WIE Affinity Group, are excited to announce the upcoming WIE Debate at ENIT on November 15th. This event aims to provide a platform for intellectual discourse, public speaking, and the promotion of gender equality in the engineering field. The competition will feature four teams, with six participants each, totaling 24 individuals, evenly split between ENIT and SUPCOM. Rules: 1. Team Composition: Each team will consist of six members, with three designated debaters who will present arguments during the debate. 2. Speaking Time: Each debater will have a speaking time of three minutes to present their arguments. 3. Total Participants: The event will involve a total of 24 participants, with 12 representing ENIT and 12 representing SUPCOM. 4. Rounds: The competition will consist of two rounds, allowing participants to engage in thought-provoking discussions on various topics related to engineering and women’s empowerment. 5. Brainstorming Time: Prior to each debate, participants will have 20 minutes for brainstorming and preparation. 6. Spectators: Spectators who are not part of the competing teams are welcome to attend and witness the debates. Topics: 1. Subtopic: Gender Diversity in Engineering Workplaces/Leadership Positions: Participants will explore the challenges and opportunities for achieving gender diversity in engineering workplaces and leadership roles. They will discuss strategies to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for women in the industry. 2. Subtopic: Work-Life Balance in Engineering: This topic will focus on the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance for engineers, with specific attention to the unique challenges faced by women in the field. Participants will discuss strategies to create a supportive environment that enables engineers to balance their personal and professional lives effectively. 3. Subtopic: Beauty Standards: This topic will examine the impact of beauty standards on women in engineering and society as a whole. Participants will explore the societal expectations and stereotypes that affect women’s experiences in the field, discussing ways to challenge and overcome these standards. The WIE Debate at ENIT promises to be an engaging and intellectually stimulating event, providing a platform for participants to express their opinions and contribute to the discourse on gender equality and women’s empowerment in engineering. By adhering to the specified rules and addressing the thought-provoking topics, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their research, critical thinking, and public speaking skills. We encourage all interested individuals to attend as spectators and witness the insightful debates that will unfold during this event. ENIT, El Manar, Tunis, Tunisia

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