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Lunch and Learn with IEEE Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Sophia Muirhead

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Join us for an insightful speech by Sophia Muirhead, IEEE Executive Director and Chief Operations
Officer, on the essence of leadership! Gain valuable insights on how to lead with humility, empathy, and
respect. Learn to nurture strengths, embrace risks, and foster a collaborative and inclusive environment.
Discover the importance of continuous learning and adapting to change, and understand how to balance
personal well-being with professional responsibilities. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your
leadership skills and drive positive change.
Talking Points:
● Unique Leadership Reflections:
○ Personal insights on leadership gathered over many years.
○ Emphasis on the importance of humility and learning from others.
● Core Leadership Values:
○ Humility: Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives.
○ Empathy: Understanding and supporting team members as whole individuals.
○ Respect: Treating everyone with courtesy and dignity, regardless of their position.
● Continuous Learning and Curiosity:
○ Staying informed and adapting to changes in the world.
○ Embracing a mindset of continuous improvement and innovation.
● Collaborative Decision-Making:
○ Involving team members in decision-making processes.
○ Encouraging open dialogue and valuing diverse opinions.
● Nurturing Strengths and Independence:
○ Focusing on developing team members’ strengths.
○ Promoting independence and avoiding micromanagement.
● Embracing Risks and Learning from Failures:
○ Taking calculated risks to drive innovation.
○ Learning from failures and adapting to new challenges.
● Self-Care and Personal Time:
○ Importance of setting aside time for personal well-being.
○ Strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
● Inspiring and Empowering Others:
○ Leading by example and inspiring others to achieve excellence.
○ Creating an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.
Speaker(s): Sophia Muirhead,
Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/425841

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