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Invited industry – talk (Optus) about modern communications systems and IoT technologies.

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This is an industry-invited talk about communications systems and emerging IoT technologies. The talk will cover: – Introduction: – Setting the stage for the discourse. – Technological Evolution from 1G to 6G: – Unraveling the journey of cellular technologies through the generations. – The Utilization of Cellular Technologies: – Analyzing the reasons for adopting cellular technologies. – Exploring the factors influencing decision-making in product development, selection, and business strategies, from a technological standpoint. – 5G, 6G, and Their Applications in IoT and Emerging Technologies: – Shedding light on the roles of 5G and the promising potentials of 6G in the context of IoT and emerging technologies. – Harvard University’s Use Case for Tata Motors: – Presenting a case study that exemplifies the practical application of technology. – Encouraging students to scrutinize this use case, extract lessons, and generate a concise, one-minute summary each, focusing on engineering and product development aspects. Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/380288

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