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IEEE Tech Talk – The Omnipresence of Sound: Acoustics in Engineering and Beyond

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“What Crosses Your Mind When You Hear ‘Acoustics’? Beyond Studios and Auditoriums!” When an engineer mentions their expertise in acoustics, many people immediately think of recording studios and auditoriums. However, acoustics encompasses a much broader spectrum of knowledge! In this presentation, I will explore both the evident and less apparent aspects of sound, including its generation, propagation, and how humans perceive it. But that’s not all! Acoustics has diverse applications in engineering, extending far beyond the conventional ones we encounter daily, like consumer audio, nondestructive testing, and underwater exploration. Prepare to be intrigued as I delve into some unique and emerging acoustics applications, such as thermoacoustic refrigeration, 3D printing, and more. Acoustics is an incredibly versatile field with implications in a vast array of industries, and I am looking forward to sharing its exciting possibilities with you! Co-sponsored by: Seattle University Student Chapter Speaker(s): Randall Williams PE, PhD Agenda: Agenda: – 6.00 PM – 6.05 PM – Welcome by Seattle Section Chair – 6.05 PM to 6.50 PM – Tech Talk and Question Hour. Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/368881

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