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Empower Her: Strategic Professional Development

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A day dedicated to celebrating Women In Engineering.EmpowerHER is an annual event celebrating the achievements and contributions of women in engineering. Through inspiring talks, workshops, and networking opportunities, it fosters inclusivity, empowers professionals, and encourages gender diversity in the field. Attendees connect with industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and honor outstanding achievements through awards and scholarships. EmpowerHER is a catalyst for change, shaping the future of engineering through empowerment and celebration. Co-sponsored by: SWE, IEEE SPAx Agenda: Agenda for EmpowerHER: Celebrating Women in Engineering: 1. Opening Ceremony: – Welcome address and introduction of the event. – Acknowledgment of the significance of celebrating women in engineering. 2. Keynote Speeches: – Inspirational talks by renowned women engineers and industry leaders. – Sharing personal experiences, challenges faced, and strategies for success. – Emphasizing the importance of gender diversity and inclusivity in engineering. 3. Panel Discussions: – Engaging panels featuring diverse perspectives on key topics in engineering. – Discussions on advancements, opportunities, and current issues in the field. – Addressing challenges faced by women in engineering and strategies for overcoming them. 4. Workshops and Interactive Sessions: – Hands-on workshops and interactive sessions on emerging technologies and trends. – Skill-building activities focusing on various engineering disciplines. – Opportunities to learn from experts and explore innovative ideas. 5. Networking and Mentorship: – Dedicated sessions for networking and connecting with fellow professionals. – Mentorship programs facilitating mentor-mentee relationships. – Encouraging collaboration, knowledge sharing, and support within the engineering community. 6. Awards and Scholarships: – Recognition of outstanding achievements by women engineers. – Presentation of awards and scholarships to honor their contributions. – Highlighting their accomplishments as role models for aspiring engineers. 7. Closing Ceremony: – Recap of the event’s highlights and key takeaways. – Reflection on the importance of celebrating women in engineering. – Call to action for continued support, inclusivity, and gender equality in the field. Throughout the event, there should be breaks and networking opportunities to facilitate informal interactions, exchange ideas, and build connections among participants. Bldg: KU Alumni Building, Kenyatta University , Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

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