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Ahoy, radiant beings! Prepare yourself to be a part of the riveting events of a national level symposium – ELECTRAX2K23 – organized by the department of Electrical and Electronics from Sri Sairam Engineering college. Featuring both technical and non-technical events that have exciting themes and thrills. Foto Fiesta, Watt Matters, Master the mic, Expedition, Odd Palette, Wired to Survive are the activities that make up the group. Persuade the judge in master the mic. It is a talent showcasing event that involves participants facing two rounds. The objective of FotoFiesta is to combine electrical and sustainable development goals through photography. Showcase your project works in what matters. Search for treasure during the expedition. Design your own dream shirt using the Odd Palette. Escape from the hardships in wired to survive. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, 600044

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