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Colloquium: ComSoc History and Evolution of Communication

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Colloquium: ComSoc History and Evolution of Communication Saturday, Dec 9th, 10:00 AM Eastern Time -3:00 PM US-Eastern Time An Online Complimentary Event of Galveston Bay Section and R5 History Committee Registration ( on Vtools ) required to attend AGENDA: 10:00 AM Eastern Time: Welcome: Dr Zafar Taqvi-IEEE Region 5 History Chair Welcome: Bob Becnel-IEEE Region 5 Director IEEE ComSoc History Committee Briefing: Dr Kit August, V/C ComSoc History Committee Presentations: 1- History of ComSoc: Gunther Karger, Past Chair IEEE Canaveral Section(sole living founder of IEEE ComSoc), Author, speaker, Cyber Columnist and Aerospace Engineer 2- Information Theory, Coding and its Contribution to IT: Dr. Mathini Sellathurai, IEEE Fellow-Prof & Dean Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, U.K 3- Evolution of Turning Wireless Communication to Sensing : Dr Yingying (Jennifer) Chen- IEEE Fellow -Department Chair and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Peter D. Cherasia Faculty Scholar at Rutgers University 4- Women Pioneers in Telecommunications: Jill Tietjen, PE, Fellow SWE and Margaret J. Lyons, P.E., Fellow SWE, Technically Speaking, Inc., Colorado 5- Digitization of Audio and Video: Dr. Victor B. Lawrence, IEEE Fellow, Inventor/Researcher, Bell Labs / Stevens Institute of Technology 6- History of the COMSOC Flagship Conferences: Tim Weil, SO 27001 CSMA Auditor, Trainer SecurityFeeds LL, Colorado 3:00 PM Eastern Time: Thanks from NAR Team: Fawzi Behmann, Director ComSoc/North American Region Speaker(s): Gunther Carger, Professor Mathini Sellathurai, PhD IEEE Fellow, Professor Yingying (Jennifer) Chen, PhD IEEE Fellow, Jill Tietjen, PE, Fellow SWE, Margaret J Lyons, PE , Professor Victor B Lawrence, PhD IEEE Life Fellow, Kit August, PhD, Host Dr Zafar Taqvi and Co Host Dr Sabia Abidi, Tim Weil Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/388514

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