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Climate Change and Human Health : Unraveling the Nexus

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Climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges of our time, with far-reaching consequences for the environment, economies, and human health. As the planet experiences unprecedented shifts in weather patterns, rising temperatures, and extreme events, the impact on human health becomes increasingly evident. The consequences of a changing climate are far-reaching and have profound implications for human health. As temperatures rise, extreme weather events become more frequent, sea levels surge, and ecosystems transform, human populations face a range of health challenges. With this in mind, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group in collaboration with IEEE AIUB Student Branch and IEEE Bangladesh Section WIE AG is organizing a webinar titled “Climate Change and Human Health: Unraveling the Nexus”. This event aims to shed light on the intricate relationship between climate change and its impact on human well-being. The webinar will serve as a platform for renowned experts from the fields of climate science, public health, environmental studies, and policy to share their insights and expertise. Along with explaining the consequences of climate change, these experts will also describe innovative solutions and strategies to mitigate the health risks of climate change and promote adaptation measures that can enhance resilience in communities. By attending the webinar, participants will be able to Gain a comprehensive understanding of how climate change affects human health, from direct impacts like heat-related illnesses and respiratory issues to indirect consequences such as changes in disease patterns and food security challenges. Additionally, the webinar serves as an opportunity to connect with professionals, researchers and advocates in the fields of climate and health, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships. By joining the event, individuals can actively participate in the global movement in tackling climate change to protect human health. Date: 29th July 2023 Time: 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/368143

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