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Challenges and Opportunities in Power Systems with High Renewable Energy Penetration (Part I)

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In this presentation, the challenges and opportunities of power systems with a high share of renewable energy resources will be discussed. The focus is on several key aspects, including the simulation and software modeling of renewable energy units, the need for automation and machine learning, and the importance of grid forming inverters. One major challenge for power system studies for renewable energy resources is the accurate simulation and software modeling of these units. This presentation provides the recent development of these units where the actual hardware codes can be extracted and used in the power system studies software. The lecture also elaborates the need for automation and machine learning techniques in future power systems with high renewable energy penetration. By leveraging these technologies, various applications such as renewable energy generation forecasting, grid operation optimization, and system stability enhancement can be achieved. Finally, the lecture elaborates the importance of grid forming inverters. Traditional grid-following inverters rely on stable grid conditions to operate, making them less suitable for systems with a high share of renewable energy. Grid forming inverters, on the other hand, play a critical role in providing grid stability and enabling system operation even during grid disturbances. Developing grid forming inverters with advanced control strategies and robust functionality is essential for ensuring reliable and stable power system operations in the future. The event is open to all and includes light snack and networking. Co-sponsored by: Mehdi Narimani / Marjan Alavi Speaker(s): Dr. Sam Maleki Agenda: 11:00 am – Welcome and opening remarks 11:15 am – Technical Presentation 12:15 pm – Pizza Break 12:30 pm – Networking Session and discussion “How to increase gender diversity in the Power Systems”. Room: BSB 138, Bldg: Burke Science Building (BSB), McMaster University, 1280 Main St W, Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, ON L8S 4L8, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/367581

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