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Aquatic Alchemy: Fine-Tuning Enzyme Purification from the Ocean Depths

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About Workshop: Aquatic Alchemy Dive into the fascinating world of aquatic enzymes in our 5-day workshop, “Aquatic Alchemy: Fine-Tuning Enzyme Purification from the Ocean Depths.” This immersive program is designed for scientists, researchers, and enthusiasts eager to explore the untapped potential of the ocean’s biochemical treasure trove. Join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of enzymes hidden within the deep blue. Why Attend: – Gain hands-on experience in enzyme purification techniques. – Learn from renowned experts in the field of marine biotechnology. – Network with like-minded professionals and researchers. – Access valuable resources for future research and development. Certificate of Participation: – All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, recognizing their dedication to advancing knowledge in aquatic enzyme purification. Co-sponsored by: Nil Agenda: Content of Workshop to be covered: Day 1: Introduction to Enzymes from Marine Resources Forenoon Session: – Welcome and Program Overview – Importance of Enzymes from Marine Organisms and Diversity of Enzymes in Marine Ecosystems Afternoon Session: – Overview of Enzyme Recovery and Applications and Sustainable Practices in Marine Enzyme Extraction Day 2: Enzyme Extraction Techniques Forenoon Session: – Cell Disruption Methods: Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological and Clarification of homogenate: Sedimentation, Filtration and Centrifugation – Concentration: Solvent Extraction, Liquid-Liquid Extraction, evaporation, Ultrafiltration. Afternoon Session: – Hands-on Lab: Probe Ultra sonication, Centrifugation techniques, Filtration techniques, aqueous two phase extraction Day 3: Enzyme Recovery and Purification Forenoon Session: – Enzyme recovery through ammonium sulphate precipitation and Dialysis. – Enzyme purification: Ion Exchange, Affinity, Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatographic Techniques and Analytical techniques: Thin layer chromatography Afternoon Session: Role of membrane technologies in the sea of enzymes Sub-topics: – Principles of membrane technologies as a sustainable process – Role of membrane engineering in downstream processing – Basics of membrane bioreactors – Crossroads of synthetic membranes and enzymes – Enzymatic biphasic membrane bioreactor – Opportunities for membranologists to valorize marine ezymes Day 4: Optimization Strategies for Enzyme Recovery Forenoon Session: – Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis and Factors Affecting Enzyme Yield and Activity – Immobilization Techniques and Case Study: Optimizing Enzyme Recovery Process – Hands-on Lab: Design of Experiments for Enzyme Recovery, Response surface methodology (RSM), Afternoon Session: – Hands-on Lab: Ammonium precipitation, Dialysis, ion exchange chromatography, SDS PAGE Day 5: Characterization and Applications of Marine Enzymes Forenoon Session: – Spectroscopic Techniques for Enzyme Characterization and biokinetics. – Applications of Marine Enzymes in Biotechnology and Industry and Bioprospecting and Discovering New Enzymes from Marine Resources – Hands-on Lab: Enzyme Characterization Techniques, enzyme activity, specific activity, Effect of pH, temperature, substrate concentration, effector concentration, Km value Vmax value, Use of MS Excel to plot graph. Afternoon Session: – Future Directions in Marine Enzyme Research and Development, Workshop Conclusion, Participant Feedback, and Q&A – Certificate Distribution and Networking Bldg: Multipurpose Hall, Department of Biotechnology, P A College of Engineering, Mangalore, Mangalore, Karnataka, India, 574153

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