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360′ Mentoring: An Organic Fertilizer for Your Career to Grow and Flourish

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Plants appear to grow effortlessly all around us except in Deserts and Rocks. But, when you try to grow them, you face a lot of challenges, even to maintain established trees. I bought my house with 17 productive fruit trees, none left now. Who attends to them in the forest? Animals, birds, insects and even “other plants” help the forest thrive. Growing and maintaining Careers is the same thing. Just getting a degree, landing a job, and executing assignments does not guarantee a successful career. A lot of nurturing goes into it. Many who have become successful will often give credit to their mentors for many of their accomplishments. This presentation will attempt to offer an insight into finding and making the most of mentors throughout your Engineering Journey. Speaker(s): Chitra Venkataraman Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/368284

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