2018 IEEE Women in Engineering Award Winners

IEEE WIE Inspiring Member of the Year Award

Winner (Pictured): Winnie Ye, IEEE WIE Ottawa AG
Honorable Mention: Maryam Davoudpour, IEEE WIE Toronto AG
Honorable Mention: Zuhaina Zakaria, IEEE WIE Malaysia AG
Honorable Mention: Mehrnaz Shoustarian, IEEE WIE Victoria AG

IEEE WIE Inspiring Student Member of the Year Award

Winner (Pictured): Elena Uchiteleva, IEEE WIE London AG
Honorable Mention: Chirra Akanksha, Goud IEEE WIE Hyderabad AG
Honorable Mention: R Ankayarkanni, IEEE WIE Madras AG
Honorable Mention: Mayssa Mannai, IEEE WIE Tunisia AG

Elena Received this award in recognition of her extraordinary services, acts, dedication, advocacy for women in STEM, and her
outstanding contributions and invaluable achievements to the engineering profession that exemplify and
support the IEEE WIE Goals throughout her strategic and exceptional leadership

IEEE WIE Affinity Group (AG) of the Year Award 

Winner (Pictured): IEEE WIE London AG
Honorable Mention: IEEE WIE Toronto AG
Honorable Mention: IEEE WIE Honduras AG

One of the most significant accomplishments of IEEE London WIE was the increase in the WIE London
Membership in 2017 (almost ~40% increase). We reached out  to many students and IEEE members through
the annual Electrical and Computer Engineering Departmental symposium of the University of Western
Ontario by providing a booth where they could stop by and get pamphlets, advertising goods, and talk
to one of our executive members and gain information about WIE objectives and goals, membership,
perks and benefits and other related information. Increase in the number of activities (13 activities in 2017) with a
variety of technical, professional and social events was another great achievement of IEEE London WIE affinity group.
We were very successful in organizing events with the current trend technology topic and professional development events.
Our team were highly motivated to provide the best experience for our members and to improve the quality of the events to attract
more members to participate and, in fact, increase in the number of attendees was another achievement of our sectionWIE in 2017.

IEEE WIE Student Branch Affinity Group (SBAG) of the Year Award

Winner (Pictured):
 IEEE WIE Vimal Jyothi Engineering College SBAG
Honorable Mention: IEEE WIE University of Moratuwa-Sri Lanka SBAG
Honorable Mention: IEEE WIE Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology SBAG

One of the most significant accomplishment of IEEE WIE Vimal Jyothi Engineering College (SBAG) was the Increase in membership within the group, organizing socially relevant programs
and other events , and making the young volunteers personally strong , both in technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.