A special thank you message from Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, IEEE WIE Chair

Dear IEEE WIE members and staff,

2017 was a fantastic year for IEEE Women in Engineering. IEEE WIE has been growing beautifully in both membership and its programs. IEEE WIE visibility has increased noticeably across IEEE and around the globe. IEEE WIE is a community of true talent and joins IEEE in reaching its vision and goals. The success of IEEE WIE is the result of your remarkable contributions, locally and globally.

I thank you deeply for your friendship, confidence, encouragement, support, and your contributions to the success of IEEE WIE, and I congratulate you on your individual successes. Special thanks to our outgoing IEEE WIE Society Liaisons, Region Coordinators, voting members (Simay Akar, Min Chen, Divya Chintapathi, Celia Desmond, Ee Hui Lim, Joyce Mwangama, Jennifer Ng-Ain-Kin), and Paulette January (IEEE WIE Newsletter Editor) for their tremendous support and contributions.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Mary Ellen, IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Vice President for her unparalleled devotion and support for IEEE WIE. I cannot find even Polish words to express my deep gratitude and thanks to Charmain Williams, Paola Bringas, Georedna Onyesoh, Francesca Mingione, Cecelia Jankowski, Ed Palacio, John Day, and Keyana Tennant for their extraordinary assistance and service to IEEE WIE, and for their wonderful friendship.

Wishing you and your families joy and peace this holiday season, and a happy New Year!

Warm regards,