I hope that you have been enjoying summer no matter whether you work, travel or vacationing. I send my best wishes to each and everyone for the best summer. I came back yesterday from the IEEE Semiannual Meeting Series in New Brunswick, NJ where I attended and reported to the MGA Board.

Thank you very much for your reports from subcommittees. Your reports from 11 subcommittees with over 70 volunteers helped me to make an excellent case for our IEEE WIE Committee! Membership declines across IEEE. Although  IEEE WIE membership increases by 13% our membership is small, over 17,000 with majority of being students.There is 12% of women in IEEE meaning that there is about 50,000 women in IEEE. We need to reach all of them. I like doing unique things.

My focus and goal for IEEE WIE is to increase our membership by at least 100%. How to do it? If each of us will bring 10 members and every member will bring at least one member Into IEEE WIE we will reach our goal. Let us do it. Please join me on this campaign. Thank you! The IEEE faces a tremendous financial problem. The IEEE WIE as any group in IEEE needs to generate revenues. Increasing membership will help. Our conferences and summits need to generate revenues and surplus. Let us think about our two emergency tasks: increasing membership and making conferences and summits profitable.  Let us be creative.

What other products can we make that would help IEEE WIE to be self supportive? I believe that we have incredible opportunities to demonstrate that women can do amazing things and amazingly well under difficult circumstances. I need your help. Together we can make a change. I will share with you our report as well as our plans for the upcoming IEEE Sections Congress in August with 9 events promoting IEEE WIE.

Thank you for ALL you do to help women in STEM.

With my very best,