IEEE WIE AG SB University of Dhaka
Submitted by, Zinia Zerin Khan Program Activity Head, IEEE WIE AG DU SB.

“Seminar on Optoelectronics of Silicon Solar Cells and Modules”

In collaboration with IEEESBDU and Dept. of EEE, DU, IEEE WIE AG SB University of Dhaka, organized the ‘Seminar on Optoelectronics of Silicon Solar Cells and Modules’ on July 9, 2017. A whopping 140 participants including faculties from different universities of the country and researches from BCSIR and Atomic Energy Commission of Bangladesh, attended the seminar. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Brij Mohan Arora, Professor of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay.

Dr. Arora discussed the recent trends in silicon solar cells, the future of silicon solar cells and practically demonstrated the most modern solar cells ever invented. In a nutshell, this seminar brought the latest updates of solar cells under its banner, which was well appreciated by all the attendees.

The seminar was concluded by a Q/A session with Mr. Arora. The event was concluded with a token of thanks on behalf of IEEE WIE AG SB DU, IEEESBDU and EEE, DU, awarded by Dr. Zahid Hasan Mahmood (Professor, EEE, DU), Dr. Jalalur Rahman (Ex-Professor, EEE, DU) and Dr. Khondokar Siddique Rabbani (Professor, BMPT, DU).

Submitted by, Sana Berrayana Chairwoman IEEE WIE ENIM SB

IEEE WIE ENIM Student Branch celebrating Women’s day in National school of engineers of Monastir

“The day is marked around the world with arts performances, talks, rallies, networking events, conferences and marches. IEEE WIE ENIM SB, Took the initiative and celebrated this day by making several stands, delivering some public speeches about IEEE WIE, its benefits, its vision and its goal. The event was led by IEEE WIE members, both girls and boys in order to promote gender equality in the first hand, and to show IEEE WIE AG is not only for women.“  The event was about a projection of several powerful Women’s TED talks. The attendance was not only about students, We invited our professor the talk more about the power of women and its potential in the engineering field. Read more.