IEEE Kerala Section IEEE WIE Affinity Group Report

IEEE SIGHT, IEEE PES, and IEEE WIE of TKM College of Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Department of TKMCE joined hands with Kerala State Electricity Board, Ayur subdivision, to provide electricity for 30 houses on February 16, 2017 in Edamulackal Panchayat, Kollam, Kerala. This was done as a part of “Sampoorna Vyidhutha Valkarna Yetnam” (Complete Electrification Project), an initiative undertaken by the Kerala Government. Read full report


With around 90 student members, St.Joseph’s Institute of Technology initiated th eRobotics and Automation Society (RAS) Technical Society under the student branch chapter, with one affinity group, theWIE on its campus. The inauguration of the IEEE WIE Affinity Group was conducted on July 28, 2016. This great ceremony was organised by the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering.
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Public Speaking Event held by St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology IEEE WIE Affinity Group

The IEEE WIE Affinity Group of St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology held a public speaking contest  on July 07, 2016. A total of 19 students participated in the event. The themes given for contest were: 1. Women Empowerment; 2. Role of women in India’s progress; and, 3. Importance of Gender Equality. Each speech was limited to eight minutes. Two students were selected as the winners based on their performance and speech. The winners selected were Snigdha K (IV/B) and Gayathri P (IV/A).

Nearly 100 Women Leaders attend inauguration of IEEE WIE Beijing

The inauguration of the IEEE WIE   Beijing Affinity Group (called “WIE Rose Bloom”) was held last month with nearly 100 women leaders from academia, industry, and government in attendance, marking the newly formed affinity group’s kick-off meeting. Yonghua Lin, chair of IEEE WIE Beijing, and Jing Dong, IEEE WIE committee chair of IEEE Region 10, began the ceremony. Keynote speeches were delivered by:

  • IEEE Fellow Sophie Vandebroek, IBM Research chief operating officer
  • Zhiling Yi, chief scientist, China Mobile
  • Professor Yuanchun Shi, director of HCI & Media Integration Institute, Tsinghua University

The speakers relayed their experience with the latest industry development trends, innovation, and workplace culture. They also participated in a panel discussion and answered audience questions on careers, family, education, and other hot topics.

“The goals of this opening ceremony were to promote IEEE and IEEE WIE, and to recruit more members and volunteers to participate in IEEE WIE Beijing,” said Lan Wang, project manager, IEEE China Office, who attended and helped promote the event.

WIE Beijing also launched a public welfare project called “Deep Breath Initiative” at the meeting. This project is focused on indoor air quality (PM2.5, PM10, formaldehyde, benzene).

IEEE WIE Build a Brighter Future” hosted by IEEE Women in Engineering Winnipeg Section

The IEEE WIE Winnipeg Section hosted their kick-off event on June 28, 2016. This was an informative session with an introduction to IEEE WIE’s vision and mission, guest speeches by two successful women engineers, followed by networking at the end. The event commenced with the welcome speech by Dr. Witold Kinsner, the IEEE Canada president. Read full report

Technical Seminar on Robotics hosted by IEEE WIE Winnipeg Section

The IEEE WIE Winnipeg section hosted a technical seminar on Robotics with more than 40 participants from universities and industries in Winnipeg on November 21, 2016. Mr. Amir Hosseinmemar of Autonomous Agent laboratory (AALab) delivered this interesting seminar on the current advancements in Robotics in the field of sports.  At this seminar, the speaker talked about AALab’s work on Hurocup and RoboCup challenges in recent years, and how these two benchmarks lead researchers to improve artificial intelligence and robotics.

After the technical talk by Mr. Hosseinmemar, he showed the participants a couple of athletic robots with a demonstration. The event was concluded by a Q&A session. The seminar was held at the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus, with refreshments provided at the end. The proud sponsor for this event was the Graduate Student Association of the University of Manitoba.

IEEE WIE NEDUET Database Bootcamp Event

IEEE WIE NEDUET SBAG began this year with a technical event entitled ”Database Bootcamp” on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2017 at NEDUET. The event was a highly informative and interactive session on Database Management Systems and SQL. The workshop took place at the Video Conferencing Hall of Civil Engineering Department at NEDUET, and was  hosted by Nimra Raja Shamshad, a member of the Registrations team.

Our first guest speaker was Ms. Wajiha Shahid, a former NEDian who is currently working as a software quality assurance engineer at Techlogix. Brimming with zeal and enthusiasm, Ms. Shahid grasped the attention of the audience in no time. She began her talk with the basics, and made sure the audience was familiar with the concept of databases. Her talk mainly consisted of the importance of SQL in the management of databases, along with some technical terminologies and basic concepts.
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IEEE Xplore Inaugural Event held at NED University

IEEE Xplore at NED University was an inaugural event hosted by all the IEEE student chapters and affinity groups of NED University on  February 13, 2017 on the campus of NEDUET. The event started off with a note from the Branch Counsellor, Dr. Muhammad Khurram. The host for IEEE WIE NED’s time slot was Ammarah Zahid, Head of Documentations and Content.

After a brief introduction about IEEE WIE NED, the Chairperson Miss Sidra Shakeel was introduced. Sidra is in her final year of Telecommunications Engineering at NED University; she started her IEEE WIE journey back in 2015 and has progressed from a team member to the chairperson of the Affinity Group. The speaker was then called upon. IEEE WIE’s featured speaker was none other than its very own prestigious ex-chair, Miss Hiba Latifee, who is currently the Deputy Webmaster at IEEE Region 10 IEEE WIE. Miss Latifee is a natural born speaker. When it comes to grasping the attention of the audience, she is second to none. Read full report

First Meeting and Team Mentoring Session held by IEEE WIE NED

IEEE WIE NED held its first meeting and team mentoring session on February 17, 2017. The orientation program for the team of 2017 commenced with the chairperson warmly welcoming the entire team, and introduced the members of the Ex Com as well as the team heads. She discussed the workflow and the responsibilities of all the members. A set of constitutions and guidelines was also proposed to maintain the team decorum.

The chairperson further discussed the event itinerary for the year. The team members were asked to put forward their suggestions about the events that could be planned for the year. Moreover, an in-depth discussion about the mega event, HACKNED 1.0, was conducted. Furthermore, the benefits of the international IEEE WIE membership were highlighted as follows:

  1. Motive
  2. Opening
  3. Discussion of Responsibilities
  4. Constitutions and Guidelines
  5. Event itinerary
  6. Any other business
  7. Adjournment

First Meeting and Team Mentoring Session held by IEEE WIE NED

With the international Women’s Day in mind, IEEE Women In Engineering ENISo SB Affinity Group organized “SHE LEADS 2k17”, a one day long event happening on March 15th 2017 in the National Engineering School of Sousse (ENISo).

This year’s edition was devoted to Women Entrepreneurs. It was an opportunity not only to showcase the range of successful Tunisian female entrepreneurs such as Ms. Takwa TRABELSI CEO of Leadership Training Center but also the gathering was a great opportunity to share, with all female attendees, the new governmental-sponsored program that aims to encourage women aged from twenty to sixty years old to start their own business from scratch.