IEEE BUP Student Branch WIE Affinity Group – Bangladesh Section, Region 10

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In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, IEEE BUP Student Branch WIE Affinity Group organized the ‘Visioনারী (Visionary)’ from 2nd March to 8th March with the tagline: ‘A tribute to women from all walks of life’. The event featured the admiring, inspiring and forthcoming women from all walks of life with a week-long activity. It was divided into two unique segments: 1) Photo Story Contest (Topic: A mother in your eyes), and 2) Facebook Live (Topic: Challenges of Womanhood: Understanding and Overcoming them).

In the first segment, participants were asked to tribute to a motherly figure in their eyes within 150 words with a picture. A total of 22 heartwarming submissions were received and some of the best submissions were published in the official Facebook page of the Affinity. On the final day of the event, a Facebook Live session was arranged. It was conducted by an amazing personality, Sharowat Samin, Assistant Professor, University of Dhaka. After a very useful discussion on the challenges faced by women in both cyberspace and real life, the session ended with a Q/A from the audience. Almost 3000 people watched the session and it reached almost 5000 people.

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"Women in power, rebuild the world from COVID-19" event banner.

Women in power, rebuild the world from COVID-19

A parallel online event with the theme of “Women in power, rebuild the world from COVID-19” was successfully held on 20th March 2021 during the NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum 2021. The virtual forum was organised by Ruomei Li the Chair of IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) and Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely the President of New Future Foundation. Learn More

Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2021

International Women In Engineering Day 2021 flyer.Greetings from Women in Engineering Affinity group of IEEE Student Branch, Raghu Institute of Technology, Visakhapatnam (Vizag Bay Section). We are delighted to share with you, how we celebrated International Women in Engineering day on June 23, 2021 in our Student Branch.

As a part of the event we organized a webinar on Women Empowerment and invited Ms Rahimunnisa Begum who is known for her excellent oratory skills in this region. She has spoken on women empowerment, women empowerment schemes and collaboration on account of Women in Engineering day. On this day we took the pledge “a women with a vision empowers the empire of women, to do more, to see more, and be more” In fact we understood the Technical and Cultural Events in college equals the importance of education and should experience this at least once during the course of their undergraduate studies. It instills the importance of originality and individuality that are the most vital aspects.

The webinar was coordinated by Deepika vaari chair WIE AG RIT, moderated by komali Akanksha (vice chair), Yasasri (secretary), Manuja Varma(treasurer), Jayani (webmaster),Haripriya(mem-1), Charishma (mem-2), Dr.V. Sangeetha (advisor to WIE AG) and Dr.VVSSS Chakravarthy (Branch Student Counsellor) extended their aplauds and urged to all the members of WIE AG of RIT to carryout this volunteering and significantly contribute to the humanitarian cause. The event has been shared via print media and published in the newspaper and made available on all our social media channels.