Call for Contributions to WIE Newsletter

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is seeking your contributions to the bi-monthly newsletter. We invite you, our members to submit a short story/article/announcement that fits into the following structure:

  • News items, Affinity group reports, Announcements – Short, topical, news oriented
  • Conference announcements
  • Award Recognitions
  • Major Articles – In depth discussions of topics of your interest (Articles will be reviewed before placement)
  • Submit anything else you would like to share with the WIE Community


Articles should be submitted in Word format

Word count:

  • News items, Affinity group reports, and announcements – 50 to 200 words
  • Major articles – 500 to 1500 words

All articles should include section headings. Illustrations are strongly encouraged to illustrate and emphasize your message.

The deadline

Please send your contributions to

May Issue – WIE Highlights (Due April 10th)

June Issue – WIE Newsletter (Due May 10th)

July Issue – WIE Highlights (Due June 10th)

August Issue – WIE Newsletter (Due July 10th)

September Issue – WIE Highlights (Due August 10th)

October Issue – WIE Newsletter (Due September 10th)

November Issue – WIE Highlights (Due October 10th)

December Issue – WIE Newsletter (2017 Year-end Recap Issue – This issue will include highlights from 2017) (Due November 10th)

You can submit your highlights from your activities in 2017 to be included in this issue. Please follow word count requirements.

Please note: By submitting a contribution to the newsletter, you are agreeing that the content submitted will be publicly available.

Please note:

IEEE Women in Engineering reserves the right not to publish all submitted content in the WIEexchange Newsletter. We may also use submitted content in a later newsletter instead of the current one. We will make minor editorial changes or correct spelling mistakes. To establish the identity of our contributors, your name or groups name will be published with your article or contribution.

For questions or concerns email